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Partners & Providers

Helpful Information for Providers


The Imago Rehab Approach

Our approach to stroke rehab involves teaching our clients to think like therapists during their everyday tasks. Using a proprietary approach based off the Action Learning Program for Stroke (ALPS), clients learn to confidently problem solve tasks in their own life. 


Imago Rehab makes specialized therapy services are accessed using a telehealth model and allows clients to directly apply new skills at home.

Have a patient who would benefit from therapy with Imago?

Please fax your referrals to 617-250-8243 with the following information or complete our online referral form:

  • Patient's name

  • Patient's date of birth

  • ICD-10 code for any medical diagnoses

  • If no medical diagnosis, please include suspected ICD-10 therapy codes for OT

  • “Eval & Treat” statement, specifying the appropriate discipline

  • Signature of provider

  • NPI number of provider

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