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Occupational Therapy Services

Our OTs work with adults impacted by a variety of neurologic conditions, including stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Functional Neurologic Disorder.

Virtual Occupational Therapy for Adults

Why choose Imago Rehab?

The Imago Rehab occupational therapists are on your team, and your goals are our goals. We are dedicated to helping you live your most independent life - restoring your ability to cook, get dressed, open containers, complete hygiene activities, carry groceries, write, work, and more!​

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Professional Expertise

Our OT team specializes in stroke rehabilitation and upper limb recovery.


Focused on Life Skills

Use your own home, personal items, and daily routines in therapy.


One-on-One Sessions

Dedicated time between you and your occupational therapist.


Tailored to You

Regain control of your body and meet your individual therapy goals.


Therapy at Home

​No need to find a ride, commute in traffic, or sit in a crowded waiting room.


Robotic Glove

Clients can test out our wearable robotic glove prototype at home or in our office, under an investigational protocol.


Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Where do we begin?

Our evaluation process allows us to get to know you, learn about your goals, and measure your baseline abilities before therapy begins. Once testing is complete, we will work together to create a therapy plan that gets you back to living your most independent life.

Whether your stroke was weeks, months, or many years ago, it is never too late to start. Our program will show you that there is no time limit on recovery!

Man working on improving movement of his arm during after stroke using online occupational therapy
Woman participating in OT teletherapy to improve her ability to complete daily tasks in her home

Better Hand Recovery From Home

How will occupational therapy work for you?

Online therapy is easy! Your occupational therapist will send you a meeting link to join the virtual session using a computer or a tablet.


Depending on your individual challenges, we will support you in stretching, positioning, and performing specific movements as you complete your daily activities at home. Our occupational therapy sessions will give you the skills and tools you need to try new things, stay on track with home practice, face challenges as they arise, and achieve your goals! 


The Imago Rehab Approach

Our approach to stroke rehab involves teaching our clients to think like therapists during their everyday tasks. By focusing on the skills you need to function in your daily life, you will learn how to integrate practice throughout your day, leading to increased progress. Our sessions will not only promote the recovery of your arm's function, but our therapists will also equip you with strategies for adapting tasks and situations to achieve your goals.


Imago Rehab makes specialized occupational therapy services accessible through telehealth. Our virtual therapy sessions allow clients to directly apply new skills at home, while also providing an opportunity to trial our soft robotic glove during home practice. This is how you will change your brain!


Serving Adults in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Florida

Why use telehealth? 

Telehealth is convenient, evidence-based, and effective! Here are a few reasons why our clients choose online occupational therapy:

  • Telehealth improves your ability to access a stroke specialist without the barriers that can come with geographical location or ability to travel.

  • Occupational therapy is most effective when there is “carryover” - meaning that what you do in therapy, you also do at home.

  • You can have access to a specialist who understands your problems rather than being limited to what is offered locally.

  • Meeting online eliminates the need to rely on caregivers for weekly transportation to therapy sessions. 


Innovation in Stroke Recovery

Our Soft-Robotic Glove Prototype Solution

In addition to our telehealth offering, we are creating a soft robotic glove to aid in upper limb recovery after a stroke. Our device is still in the prototype phase; however, our therapy clients are offered the chance to trial it at home! We are also often in need of volunteers impacted by a stroke to test out new features, either at home or in our Lowell office location. Contact us or call 617-671-0789 to learn more.

Client & Professional Testimonials

Our Cutting-Edge Protocol Gets Results

"My family told me how much more I'm using my arm and how much better I look since last year."

Client, 6 Years Post-Stroke

"This is the most effective solution I've seen."

Physiatrist, Boston, MA

"The people are great and responsive. I enjoy the people I work with."

Client, 8 Years Post-Stroke
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