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Imago Rehab Clients and Caregivers

Helpful Information for Our Clients

Occupational Therapy with Imago Rehab

Tips to Make Therapy a Success

  • Make a therapy basket of common supplies to use during your therapy session so it's ready to go for therapy (see list below).

  • Find a quiet space with a table and enough room to move around.

  • Consistently follow up with your therapist via email.

  • Consistently fill out your home program tracker and complete your exercises.

Your Therapy Basket Can Include:

  • Various-sized balls

  • Plastic cups

  • Several small, familiar objects

  • Dycem

  • Washcloth

  • Deck of cards

  • Cane or another long-handled object

  • Pen/marker and paper

  • Rubber bands 

  • Cotton balls

Common objects for participation in online occupational therapy in your home

Make the Most Out of Your Online Sessions

Follow These Telehealth Tips

  • Practice using zoom before the session to make sure your audio and video work

  • If you don’t know how to use Zoom, let us know, and we will provide training before your session

  • Have a therapy basket of items (see above), along with items requested by your therapist, near where you do therapy and ready to go before your session starts.

  • Use the self-video as a mirror to watch yourself during movements.

  • If possible, use two screens (use phone and laptop) to see two angles of movement.

  • Try to have your whole upper body and both arms in the screen for the therapist to see.

  • Adjust your camera so the therapist can see what you are working on.

  • If needed, ensure you will have someone who can offer supervision during the session.

  • Click here for a video that shows how to access Zoom through your computer.

  • Click here for a video that shows how to access Zoom through your phone.

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Learn More About

The Imago Rehab Approach

Our approach to stroke rehab involves teaching our clients to think like therapists during their everyday tasks. Using the Action Learning Program for Stroke (ALPS), you will consider how you think and move with your affected arm and learn to confidently problem solve tasks in your own life. Our sessions will promote the recovery of your arm's function while equipping you with strategies for adapting tasks and situations to achieve your goals.


Imago Rehab makes specialized occupational therapy services accessible through telehealth. Our virtual therapy sessions allow clients to directly apply new skills at home, while also providing an opportunity to trial our soft robotic glove during home practice. This is how you will change your brain!

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