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About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Imago Rehab’s mission is to help individuals with physical impairment due to a neurological condition, improve function and restore independence to through accessible, evidence-based care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize stroke rehabilitation by offering a platform that combines telerehabilitation, innovative robotic devices, and an integrated care team to enable superior recovery outcomes.


Our Story

Imago Rehab was launched out of Harvard University in 2021 with a focus on combining the power of virtual stroke rehab services that can be delivered at home with the advancements and innovation happening in the soft robotics and digital health industries. 


Since then, we have continued to work in partnership with Harvard University’s Paulson School of Engineering and Massachusetts General Hospital, to help revolutionize stroke recovery as part of the National Science Foundation’s Reachable Project - an ambitious endeavor aimed at developing an at-home rehabilitation solution to restore arm function after a stroke. 

Imago Today

The Imago Rehab team has decades of experience in stroke rehabilitation and currently offers telerehabilitation services delivered by occupational and physical therapists with expertise in stroke recovery. We currently operate in six states (MA, FL, TN, VA, NH & TX) and are working to expand our footprint nationally.


In addition, Imago holds several approved and pending patents for our soft robotic rehab glove that will eventually be used to enhance the rehab experience for our clients.  

Our Partners

Imago Rehab has a robust set of partners and collaborators who share an interest in transforming stroke rehabilitation

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Our Partners
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